Sprinklers and Powering up my shed

So this weekend I extended my main water line so that I could hook sprinklers up to the flower beds and trees we have been planting. I also extended the main water line out back so that we can plant trees or a garden out there and to top it off I ran conduit out to my shed so I can have lights in there. This ended up being 800 plus feet of trenching, most of which had to be 2 feet deep to prevent freezing in the winter time. I firmly believe that any job worth doing should be done right and with that in mind I rented a mini excavator from Cat in Hesperia. Here are some pics.

As usual, Bill was a huge help.









I ended up getting really good and could dig pretty fast. I also really enjoyed myself.

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Fixing up the flower planters

This weekend we decided to pretty up the front of the house. We went to Lowes to get necessary sprinkler parts last weekend and got the flower beds ready for flowers this weekend. I had already ran sprinkler pipes to the flower beds while building the house so we just had to put in the bubblers in each bed. I think they turned out really nice.




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New Radio for the Lancer

Today I installed a new Pioneer Radio in Des’ Lancer for her. Her new job came with a nice pay raise but unfortunately CalPortland does not offer company cars like TXI did so she is driving the lancer to and from work in Gelndora. She has a Sirius satellite radio in the lancer but the factory radio that came with the Lancer does not have an auxiliary input so I had to install it with the FM modulator. Well the drive to Gelndora has so many radio stations (mostly in spanish, gotta love So Cal. 🙂 ) the she had to constantly change between interfering stations. The new radio has an auxiliary input so she wont have to worry about that plus it has an iPod dock plug that allows the radio to interface with the iPod. It is a pretty fancy radio and I got it online from Amazon for only $75 bucks! I took some pics of the install so you can see how handy I am 🙂


Bill helped me with the install, here he is soldering the new radio wiring harness to a factory wiring harness I bought on eBay for a $1.


Custom wiring harness I made installed.

P5080005.jpg   P5080006.jpg P5080009.jpg P5080010.jpg

I ran the iPod connector under the center console into the storage bin under the armrest so that when she hooks up the iPod it will out of the way and out of sight.


All done. New radio looks pretty sharp and just like a factory install.


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